People are the biggest asset of any organisation

Our wide range of Training Workshops and Programmes are designed to develop people and improve business results.

All workshop content is developed to meet your needs, whether it’s a short energiser to boost staff motivation or a more in-depth skills development programmes, our consultants will ensure your objectives are achieved. Our programmes are engaging and highly interactive.  We blend theory and practical activities providing the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning activities helping transform performance. 

We understand how important ‘using’ the skills and energy gained on the workshops is, so include individual action plans to push commitment to change.

We use a wide range of accelerated learning and facilitation techniques to maximise the impact of out learning events.

We evaluate the success of each event and provide feedback to you.


For further information please email us at or call to discuss on or 0141 562 7844 or 01389 600378 

Improve Business Skills

Most staff have areas of their performance that needs improving.  We will develop thier skills and improve personal and business results, helping Indivduals/Teams/Depts performance stand out from the crowd.

Workshops Include:

  • Better Team Building
  • Being more Assertive
  • Positive Communication
  • Effective Call Management
  • Delivering Excellent Customer Service
  • Improve your Sales
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Presentations Skills
  • Making Meetings Matter
  • Dealing with Change Positively
  • Successfully Managing Conflict
  • Effectively Managing your Time  


Improve Management

Good managers are a result of investment in practical development programmes.  Our Management Programmes will ensure Team Managers and Senior Managers understand their role within the organisation by improving staff engagement leading to excellent all-round improved performance and results.

These include:

Management & Leadership Development  Programmes

Every organisation relies on a strong management team to inspire others. This Programme will be tailored to your organisation to ensure it compliments and reinforces your organisational purpose, Vision, Values and Goals.

Recruitment and Selection Programmes

Success in any organisation comes from having the right people in the right job.  This Programme provides the knowledge and skills needed by all staff responsible for recruiting staff at all levels.

Talent Management/Succession Planning

Does your organisation strive to be an employer of choice?  By offering Talent Management Programme opportunities to both internal and external potential leaders gives you the pathways to mould and develop the future face of your business.  These programmes offer a wide range of development options which can be tailored to meet your long-term business goals.

Coaching for Success

This Programme focuses on the importance of creating a coaching culture and how to build strong relationships with staff to understand individual motivation and drive.  Using tried and testing coaching models, these programme are about embedding methods and transforming how people see coaching.


Train the Trainer Programmes

Often there is a need to deliver internal training but not always the dedicated resource to do it.  Training Delivery and Training Design is never easy especially if your resource doesn’t have the skills and confidence to get the results you want.  This Programme focuses on the skills needed to develop internal staff to be able to deliver or design fantastic training.


Contact us to find out how we can tailor our Programmes to meet your organisational needs.


Elaine is an incredibly safe pair of hands who from concept to implementation never takes her foot of the accelerator and delivers creative and effective solutions time and time. Her working style engages co-workers and stakeholders from the outset and gets outstanding results.

Debbie is a fabulous person to work with. She thinks clearly, works quickly, demonstrates amazing creativity and has wonderful insightful qualities which allow her to understand people and situations. Customers love her and she leaves lasting impressions.
Can't wait to work with her again!

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